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WIGO Survival Tips for Winter Camping

The right equipment when it gets really cold!

There’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad camping gear. This is true in the summer season, but even more so in winter. Especially at this time of year, there are unique camping experiences on snow-covered pitches. First a round of cross-country skiing or skiing, then warm up in the tent with a hot cup of tea and let your gaze wander through the window covered with ice crystals to the mountains. Dreamlike! However, if you don’t want to miss out on these camping experiences or if you are looking for outdoor adventures all year round, even in cold regions, you should have the right equipment ready. Otherwise, with snow flurries, icy winds and temperatures, the mood quickly becomes frosty. With our many years of camping experience and expertise in tent construction, we ensure that you don’t get cold feet when it comes to winter camping. We have the perfect solution for these extreme circumstances: our winter survival kit.

Like an igloo to take with you: the Wigo Inuit series

With the awning, the project of winter camping stands or falls. Our Inuit series for caravans, motorhomes, and vans really comes into its own at low temperatures. And so will you: the polyester fabric coated on both sides allows rain and snow to drip off casually. Even strong winds simply leave Inuit cold. Make yourself comfortable inside and enjoy the trip into the snow exactly as you imagined it. With Inuit, the camping season never ends.

Winter hat for the van

It is through doors and windows that the van loses most of its heat. So that you don’t literally stand naked in the cold with your vehicle, we have two cool winter add-ons for you: The cab insulating mat and the rear insulating mat. Super flexible and easy to install, this dream team reliably counteracts thermal bridges.

And even more tips for winter camping

In addition to a resistant awning and flexible insulation accessories, there are other essentials that are part of the right winter equipment. We have summarized the most important tips here:

  1. Everything flows: And to keep it that way, if you have unheated water tanks, you should add some antifreeze to the waste water tank or drain it directly into a bucket with some antifreeze.
  2. Make sure you have enough gas supplies! In winter, be sure to use propane gas, which is also suitable for sub-zero temperatures.
  3. Since the on-board battery does not last as long as usual in sub-zero temperatures, always use shore power if possible.
  4. In the event of snowfall, regularly check that the chimney pipe of your caravan heater does not clog. In addition, an extension can also be attached to roof fireplaces.
  5. Dreaming of snow on the inside, clearing the snow on the outside: So think about the right equipment, e.g. to be able to free the roof from large snow loads. For example, a broom with a telescopic handle is suitable for this.
  6. And of course: winter tires with sufficient tread and snow chains are a must for the winter camping adventure!

Now pack cozy blankets, thick sweaters and warm food – and your trip will be a winter party!

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