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Storage in no time

You can individually configure our modular wheel arch skirt. This way, you gain space for toys, drinks and everything else that is essential for your successful camping holiday. The optionally available model in Mesh also lets fresh air into the awning.

Detailed product information

Category Description Art. No. Qty

Product description

  • Specially adapted wind and dirt protection for panel vans and caravans.
  • Additional storage space through pockets and flaps with zippers.
  • Protection against weather influences, dirt, and damage.



  PVC x x


Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

MODULE 1 – 6 Individual configuration of the skirt for the trailer. Can be ordered or delivered separately. End pieces can be individually adjusted to fit the length of the caravan. x 1
MODULE PER SINGLE METER possible per linear meter, 60 cm/75 cm. x 1
MODULE SINGLE COUPE Basic trailer skirt with coupe entry for maximum caravan lengths of 500 cm, 650 cm, 760 cm. Ends can be individually adjusted. x 1
MODULE POCKET Individual skirt for box vans. It is mounted on the vehicle with sewn-in magnetic blocks. Also available in camouflage look. x 2
MODULE WHEEL COVER For single or twin axles. A sensible addition to the trailer skirt. x 1


Size chart

Größe Tiefe Gewicht Umlauf in cm UVP
1 Tasche 75cm k.A. N/A 0 45
2 Reißverschlüssen 75cm k.A. N/A 0 45
3 Taschen 150cm k.A. N/A 0 56
500 cm k.A. N/A 0 85
60cm lfm. k.A. N/A 0 16
650 cm k.A. N/A 0 102
75cm lfm. k.A. N/A 0 18
760 cm k.A. N/A 0 113
Abschluss links 150cm k.A. N/A 0 34
Abschluss rechts 150cm k.A. N/A 0 34
Ausschnitt (Tür) 75cm k.A. N/A 0 34
Ducato Kastenwagen 540 k.A. N/A 0 314
Ducato Kastenwagen 600 k.A. N/A 0 293
Ducato Kastenwagen 630/640 k.A. N/A 0 304

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